We maintain our fleet at the cutting edge of technology. So for example, we are currently deploying three new locomotives (Lupo), three new control cars and five new middle carriages for example. The trains are regularly maintained and serviced by experienced technical specialists in our own workshops to ensure all the trains provide an efficient service. We have of course given careful consideration to disabled passengers, and have designed and equipped all our trains, stations and stops with the appropriate layout and facilities to enable easy disabled access at all times. All our new trains have air-conditioning, and a modern computer-controlled train traffic control system to provide even more safety. Well-qualified and professional staff from our own building and safety department carry out the ongoing repair and maintenance work of the sometimes double-track line and all the safety facilities (level crossings), also assisted by competent local specialist companies.

You will find more technical details on our diesel locomotives here:

Diesel-hydraulic locomotive, Lupo type D14, D15 and D16

Technical data sheet D14

Technical data sheet D15     Technical data sheet D16

Diesel-hydraulic locomotive D10

Technical data sheet D10